Noel Guzmán Bofill Rojas Remedios, Cuba, 1954-2021


Cuban multidisciplinary artist, Noel Guzmán Bofill Rojas, spent most of his life developing

a singular, lyrical style of painting that reflected his varied and turbulent life. Without

any formal training as an artist, Rojas had at times worked as an actor, a street vendor, a

shoe shiner, and a construction worker. Working across painting, installation, sculpture,

and performance, Rojas explored themes of religious experience, revolutionary leadership,

and daily life. His work often references the aesthetic of prison tattoos, a result of his

own experience of incarceration. Rojas was a member of the artistic group, Signos in Santa

Clara, Cuba. Before his death from Covid-19, Rojas worked on converting his home into an

artistic sanctuary, with paintings sprawled across his walls and ceilings. Through this

process, Rojas eliminated the line between his artistic practice and the routines of his

daily life.


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